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Guide Medical Ventures, based in Boston, is focused on the development of innovative medical devices and therapies to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.  GMV has formed and seed financed several early stage companies, including:


CardioSolv is an early stage company developing a patient-specific cardiac modeling system to improve patient outcomes and reduce certain cardiology procedure times. CardioSolv's initial application is aimed at improving catheter ablation procedures for patients with ventricular tachycardia (VT).

CardioSolv Ablation Technologies Inc.


Enspire DBS Therapy Inc.

Enspire DBS Therapy, in partnership with Cleveland Clinic and Boston Scientific, is developing a proprietary deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy to restore motor function for stroke survivors living with disability.  Enspire is currently sponsoring EDEN, a Phase I clinical trial of DBS therapy for stroke recovery.

CSA Medical Inc.

CSA Medical Inc. develops and manufactures a proprietary interventional spray cryotherapy technology platform comprised of a device and specialty catheters that enable delivery of spray cryogen inside the body to flash freeze and destroy diseased tissue.  The Company is the first to harness the power of low pressure, extremely cold (-196 °C) liquid nitrogen inside the body.

Qr8 Health Inc. is pioneering the use of clinically validated outcome assessment tools for the measurement of neurological function to transform the way real-world data can be collected and used to improve patient outcomes.  Qr8's vision is to enable transformational improvement in patient care by providing software and devices for standardized clinical data collection in any medical setting. 

NeuroAccess Technologies Inc.

NeuroAccess is an early stage medical device company working to improve the lives of chronic pain patients through innovation in spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy and technology.

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